COVID-19 Vaccination – Text Messages

Patients who are now eligible to receive their Covid19 vaccination and have not already had their first vaccination, will receive a text message inviting you to book your vaccination appointment. Patients with no digital access will be contacted by Procare Health, our GP Federation.

The text message will appear as below:

Dear [Patient Name],

You are invited to book your first COVID-19 vaccination by your GP Practice.

Appointments are updated daily at G-Live or Cranleigh Village Hall.

If you have had your first vaccination or have already booked an appointment, disregard this text.

If you are unable to book using this system, you will be contacted within a few days.

To prevent overwhelming your GP Practice with enquires, please avoid ringing them regarding vaccinations.

Please click the link to book your vaccination times: (link will autogenerate here)

Procare Health Ltd