Your Health Records

When you visit your GP or practice nurse you will see them checking and adding information into your medical record, but these are not the only people at the practice who need to use your record. Other staff, for example practice manager and the admin team will use it to:

  • Book your appointments
  • Write letters and fill in forms to refer you to hospital or community services
  • Check your address and contact details
  • Send recall letters
  • Send you invitations for annual check-ups, or for winter flu vaccinations

You may be able to see the names of the staff who have added this information into your record, or booked an appointment for you, and the date on which they did this.
Staff are only able to access your record when they have an official need to, they can’t look at your record for no reason. They can only see the information they need to use in order for them to do their job properly and help you manage your health.

In some parts of England, hospitals, community, out of hours and ambulance services uses the same computer system as your GP surgery. This could mean that when you use one of these services, they might ask you to give them permission to look at your GP record while they are treating you. They will not ask you for your login and password, they will have their own.